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How to invest in Ukraine

Investment sectors with most FDI in Ukraine are real estate, food production, metallurgy and metal working, extractive industry, machine building and chemicals/petrochemicals.

Proximity to the EU, WTO membership and negotiations of Free Trade Agreement with the EU all add to Ukraine's investment attractiveness. There is also a large British presence of 100+ companies, including Shell, M&S, GSK, BP, BAT, Mothercare, Unilever, ACCA, Next, Baker Tilly, Arup, Mott MacDonald and some others.

The country has recently adopted the Public-Private Partnership legislation, which can be applicable across projects in infrastructure development, agriculture, energy efficiency, mineral resources extraction, waste processing and other significant areas. Special interest is given to export financed projects with involvement of large companies able to either provide credits or to raise funds. Example projects can include upgrade of central or municipal heating facilities. A UK company would issue a credit to a local company to buy their equipment or would install such equipment on a delayed payment basis. Ukraine also needs complex solutions or direct investments. As for consulting services, these can be in demand for moving businesses from the EU to Ukraine as a lower cost destination.

Investment promotion and assistance is carried out by the National Project state-run enterprise (Natsproekt). It is a central governmental body for implementation of state policy in the foreign investment promotion to the national economy. The enterprise is a one-stop shop for foreign investment and has three categories of investment projects prioritised as Strategic (Sectoral), Major (Regional) and Investment Property/Other.


Financial Assistance

Funding is available from international donors, e.g., EBRD, World Bank, EIB, EU Commission and some others. Information on funding streams is available on donors' websites or through the UKTI Team in Ukraine on request. The UKTI Team is ready to provide you with investment assistance by liaising with local contacts. We would highly recommend getting in touch with us before deciding on any significant investment projects. - UKTI Financial Services


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