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Who we are

Imperial Tobacco Group PLC is a leading international tobacco company with a strong track record of creating value for our shareholders.

We employ 37,000 people and sell our products in more than 160 countries around the world.

Our total tobacco portfolio and our understanding of consumers set us apart from our competitors and provides significant future growth opportunities. Our unique values further differentiate us, guiding the way we work with each other and our stakeholders.

Imperial Tobacco Ukraine (ITU) is part of the Imperial Tobacco Group.


Our strategy

ITU Timeline

1861 - Establishment of an enterprise for tobacco and cigar manufacturing, which later became the Kyiv Tobacco Factory.

1913 - Start of new format cigarette production in response to consumer demand for factory made cigarettes.

1947 - The first «Prima» cigarettes rolled off the production line and became a legendary trademark in Ukraine.

1965 - Launch of the first filter cigarette.

1993-1994 - Establishment of a joint venture with the German tobacco company, Reemtsma. Production modernisation, introduction of new technologies and processes, launch of international brands and development of domestic trademarks.

1996 - Commencement of the construction of the factory's new production site in Kyiv to deliver a modern, streamlined manufacturing centre.

1998 - Inauguration of the new Kyiv factory, in which 110 million Deutschemarks were invested.

1998 - Prima Lux launch - the first domestic offering to compete with international cigarette brands.

2002 - The factory became part of the Imperial Tobacco Group with further brand portfolio and production development.

2011 - Installation of Tracking & Tracing control system to prevent illegal distribution of the Company's products.
Tel: +38 044 201 29 99

We focus on delivering high quality sustainable sales growth, whilst effectively managing our costs and cash flows. Our success is built around our differentiated approach; applying our in-depth consumer understandings to realise the potential of our total tobacco portfolio. Our portfolio is a unique asset encompassing a diverse array of great brands and products, from cigarettes to smokeless, from fine cut tobacco to cigars. It is a portfolio for all consumers, whatever their choices and includes new and exciting consumer experiences we are creating through innovation.


Total tobacco

Our broad portfolio of brands and products gives us a competitive advantage. Our comprehensive and versatile portfolio of brands and products gives us strong representation in all major tobacco categories and at key price points.

We have strong international, regional and local cigarette brands, we are the world leaders in fine cut tobacco, papers and premium cigars and we have a growing snus business. This unique total tobacco approach gives us a competitive advantage in meeting changing consumer choices in EU and non-EU markets.


Imperial Tobacco Ukraine (ITU)

ITU is the third biggest tobacco manufacturer in Ukraine. The company manufactures and sells international brands including Davidoff, West, Style and R1 in addition to the famous Ukrainian brands Prima Lux, Prima Sribna, Prima Optima and Prima Classichna. The Company is one of the biggest employers in Kyiv with 1100 employees.

ITU's production facilities are located in Kyiv, manufacturing tobacco products for the domestic market and for export (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Mongolia, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, USA and Uzbekistan).

Kyiv tobacco factory is one of the oldest capital city enterprises with a 150 year history. Today, in terms of technical development, modern equipment and employee work conditions, the Kyiv factory is one of the most advanced production centres in the tobacco industry across Europe.

The manufacturing site in Kyiv has benefited from continued investment into the latest production processes and equipment. In 2011, over 410 million hrivnas was invested in further upgrades. One of the biggest investment projects was the installation of a Tracking & Tracing system, which enables us to monitor the movement of products to prevent their illegal sales.

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ITU Highlights

  • #1 biggest British company in Ukraine

  • #1 rating in the Kyiv enterprise industrial production index (Chief Department of Industrial Products of Kyiv City State Administration)

  • 4 billion hrivnas of tax payments to Ukrainian state budget in 2011

  • 1.25% of Ukrainian state budget contributed by the Company's tax payments

  • 1100 employees working for the Company

  • #3 biggest tobacco manufacturer in Ukraine

  • 410 million hrivnas invested in production modernisation and development in 2011

  • 830 thousand hrivnas granted by the Company for social projects in 2011-2012

  • #11 largest tax payer in Ukraine (Source - Korrespondent Magazine, September 2012)

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