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Main office:

4, Mykilsko-Borschagivska Street.
Sofiyivska Borschagivka,
Kyiv, 08131

Tel.: +38 (044) 458-97-01/03/05

Call centre:

+38 (044) 353-11-22
+38 (044 0 353-22-44

G4S is the world's leading name in security solutions, the largest security services provider in the world, with operations in more than 125 countries across six continents and over 650,000 employees. G4S is now in Ukraine!

Securing Your World

G4S' size and scale means we touch the lives of millions of people across the globe and we have a duty and desire to ensure the influence we have makes a positive impact on the people and communities in which we work.

As one of the world's largest global employers, we have a responsibility to ensure that our employees are cared for and are given every opportunity to develop and flourish as a result of being part of G4S.

Integrity is one of the group's core values - being a responsible business partner, employer, customer and supplier is an important part of our strategy and forms an essential foundation on which we carry out our business.

We have made significant progress in implementing our CSR strategy and are committed to our long-term CSR goals.

We manage our business in a way that protects communities, the environment, our people, customers, suppliers, stakeholders and creates sustainable long-term partnerships, built on trust and respect.


Culture & values

Our vision is to be recognised as the global leader in providing secure outsourcing solutions, to help customers to achieve their own strategic goals and to deliver sustainable growth for G4S and long-term value for shareholders.

We are proud of our distinctive culture and strong values that are cascaded through the organisation. These values guide how we conduct our business and help to develop positive relationships with all stakeholders.

We have close, open relationships with our customers that generate trust and we work in partnership for the mutual benefit of our organisations.

Expertise - we develop and demonstrate our expertise through our innovative and leading-edge approach to creating and delivering the right solution. 
Performance - we challenge ourselves to improve performance year-on-year and to create long-term sustainability. 
Best People - we always take care to employ the best people, develop their competence, provide opportunities and inspire them to live our values.
Integrity - we can always be trusted to do the right thing. 
Teamwork & Collaboration - we collaborate for the benefit of G4S as a whole.

Each of our values has a senior executive 'champion' within the Group who is responsible for ensuring that it is embedded into the way G4S conducts its business throughout the world.

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Our business model in Ukraine

G4S Ukraine is the Ukrainian branch of G4S which works successfully in Security Services Market of Ukraine since 1992.

The company G4S Ukraine has all the necessary resources and capabilities to provide complex security solutions in Ukraine. We provide security services at the internationally recognised level of quality, using Ukrainian price, in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian Legislation with the strong support of Law Enforcement Agencies of Ukraine.


Main advantages of G4S compared with other security companies in Ukraine:

1. G4S Ukraine is the only international security company in Ukraine operating by international standards, which means:

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  • G4S works transparently in full compliance with legislation of Ukraine and G4S corporate standards are recognised all over the world.

  • Regular inspections of State License Authority, State Tax Authority, State Labor Authority in 2012 confirmed it. Our clients can be sure having of G4S as a reliable and clear partner.

  • Commendation letters from our clients including EURO 2012 Organisational Committee, OSCE mission in Ukraine, presidential security, Award of Golden Diplomas 2011 and 2012.

  • G4S Ukraine pays all taxes and ensures official employment of our staff.

  • G4S Ukraine was selected among 3,500 security companies operating in Ukraine by Ministry of Economics and Ministry of Labour for our exemplary market growth and employee care.

  • At any time our clients can come to G4S Ukraine central office in Kiev and check it out for themselves.

  • We are ready to provide our clients with all calculations of our service costs, including all taxes and duties as well as training costs etc. required by Ukrainian legislation and corporate standards with proof that we obey them all.

2. Private security companies in Ukraine have no right to carry firearms.

G4S Ukraine has an exclusive opportunity of involvement of armed Special Forces of Ministry of Interior as subcontractors for security of objects within the costs fixed by contract with Customer. It is a result of close cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies.

3. Real Client Care - G4S aim to "exceed expectations" by providing:

  • Complex security assessments

  • Risk elimination plans

  • Security solution concepts for every client.

  • It includes manned security, security systems (alarm and CCTV monitoring) and mobile reaction, with reinforcement by the Police if needed.

  • Security systems can be installed immediately by G4S on the agreement of gradual repayments over the duration of the client's security contract.

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4. Other G4S Ukraine services:

  • Manned Guarding of facilities:

    - guarding of office buildings, office centres

    - guarding of shops, shopping centres

    - guarding of industrial and storage premises (plants, warehouses)

    - guarding of areas (car parking, garages, construction sites)

  • Manned guarding of events

  • Meeting and escorting of VIP-persons

  • Valuable cargo escort

  • Consultative services

  • Design, installation and maintenance of technical security systems

  • Distance security and mobile response

  • Technical maintenance


Our work is characterised by its' high efficiency and for even greater confidence of our customers the activity of the company is insured for more than EUR 1,2 mln. in case of damage to customer's property, this allows recovering substantial actual damages.

All training of the employees the company makes on time, on the permanent basis and for own expense (harmonious system of training and re-training of personnel, quality control of work, motivation and personal growth).

We believe that employing the best people underpins our abilities to shape and implement strategic plans, adapt to change, build long-term partnerships with customers and engage our employees.

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